How We Restore Homes

When you sell your house fast to GA House, you know your house is in good hands. High-end renovations with uncompromising quality.

Our Standards

Sell My House Fast GA House Cash Offers

When GA House buys a property, we aim to revive & beautify the home & boost the neighborhood! And when it's done, our goal is that it'll be so great that buyers will walk in & instantly feel at home. We insist on providing such quality that if an agent shows our house along with 10 others, they will always come back to ours and put in an offer.

We specialize in spectacular kitchens and stunning bathrooms. The nicer the house, the nicer the materials and appliances we put in. We literally skimp on nothing. If someone puts in a new commode one day then sells their house to GA House the next day, we replace it.

Our certified inspectors ensure there is absolutely no trace of mold anywhere on our property; our pest inspection guys certify there are no termites and no termite damage anywhere on the premises. We don't just splash some paint on walls and call it a day; we inspect, polish, and perfect everything, every time.

Why? Because we care. We want our clients to feel and know they got a fabulous deal when they buy our houses. We also want those who sell their house to GA House to rest assured that they put their home in good hands.

We care from beginning to end. We care about all the people involved in the process as well, from our crew to the neighbors, from the inspectors to the closing attorney interns. Sell your house to GA House to find out just how it feels to be cared for and respected. It will change your mind forever about what it means to sell your house as-is for cash. You'll wonder why more people don't do it!

Check out our quality restoration pics. Plenty more available here, too.

Recent Home Renovations

Sell My House Fast GA House Cash Offers
Sell My House Fast GA House Cash Offers
Sell My House Fast GA House Cash Offers

Our Quality Home Restorations

Sell My House Fast GA House Cash Offers

How do we handle the challenges of restoring homes in need of big repairs? We staff dedicated construction teams to do incredible work on the homes we renovate. They are skilled in areas such as:

Landscape upgrades & beautification

Stunning Kitchen remodels

Modern Bathroom Designs

Roofs & Siding

Brand new HVAC systems

New Flooring, Decks & Porches

We have our own warehouse stocked with renovation materials!

Sell My House Fast GA House Cash Offers

This helps us cut costs to maximize money we offer clients!

Sell My House Fast GA House Cash Offers
Sell My House Fast GA House Cash Offers

Feel free to visit our office in Norcross, GA!

Sell My House Fast GA House Cash Offers

Contact Us

Visit: 5945 Peachtree Corners E

Norcross, GA 30071

Mon - Fri 9am - 4pm est

Disclaimer: This information has been secured from sources we believe to be reliable, but we make no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information. References to square footage or age are approximate. Buyer must verify the information and bears all risk for any inaccuracies.

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