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Real Estate Investor Standard

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Real Estate Investors are just that... investors. We look at purchasing houses as an investment, including risks, overhead, rehab costs, and market trends. There are a few ways investors typically use to calculate offers; here is our standard method:

1. Find an average selling price for comparable houses in your area

Our ultimate goal in purchasing your house is to revitalize it and put it back on the market. We need to give you a fair offer while balancing our expected return, so our first step is assessing the property value in a fully rehabbed, move-in ready state. Years of real estate experience give us a knack for this, but it really comes down to the current market. We note the selling prices of homes similar to yours and in your area against the backdrop of current trends. While there are numerous algorithmic tools available these days providing value estimates, they vary in accuracy; we never rely on software alone. Rather, we estimate values using as many real-world tools to predict our chances of reselling it in a certain price range.

Full Color How Calculated Offer Sell My House Fast

2. Deduct costs for repairs & renovation

The reason we often ask to see the house in-person or for detailed photos is to have a good idea of its repair needs. Though we can anticipate a good deal based on its specific location and year of construction, each house is different and conditions vary. In giving a fair estimate, we look especially for expensive repairs, like foundation, roof, siding, HVAC, and plumbing work. To help cut costs & maximize our offers, we have our own warehouse stocked with materials needed for our renovations.

Sell My House Fast GA House Cash Offers

3. Deduct anticipated profit & overhead costs

As with any healthy business, profit is needed to cover overhead costs, fuel growth & support our staff. But we want you to walk away happy knowing you got a great deal by selling your house cash to GA House. So our offers approximate what you'd get in the end from selling your house traditionally.

Sell My House Fast GA House Cash Offers

Deduct amount to cover any outstanding loans or liens on the house

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4. YOU PAY ZERO Fees, $0 Commissions, $0 Closing costs

In contrast to other business models, we never charge you for any fees or closing costs at all - we handle those. You get a solid offer that is not subject to change at a later time, regardless of the final selling price or renovations that need to be made. We outline this in our contract: ZERO days of due diligence, sold as-is for cash. And because you are selling directly to an investor, the sale does not involve brokers or wholesaler fees either. We keep it simple & maximize the money coming your way.

Sell My House Fast GA House Cash Offers

5. Guaranteed solid, fair & competitive cash offer

It really is the simplest & quickest way to sell a home these days. That offer will never change at a later time due to unforeseen repair costs or final selling price. The best part is that you can have that offer within 1 business day, and upon agreement, we can close in 7 business days or less. Cash in a week!

Also, if you need time to finalize your moving plans, you have up to 30 days from close to move. You'll have the money from the house sale ready to use & you can choose a closing date that is convenient for you.

Sell My House Fast GA House Cash Offers

I saw an estimated value for my home on Zillow. Is it accurate?

Sell My House Fast GA House Cash Offers

While the estimate given on Zillow may seem attractive, you should know that the Zillow AI system often lacks complete real-world data needed to give an accurate evaluation, and the Zillow corporation makes money from . . . READ MORE>

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Sell My House Fast GA House Cash Offers
Sell My House Fast GA House Cash Offers

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Sell My House Fast GA House Cash Offers

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